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Transfer Facility Liability Coverage

Transporters who operate transfer facilities must demonstrate third-party pollution legal liability coverage. The mechanisms available to demonstrate the required coverage are the financial test and insurance, as described in R299.9711 of the hazardous waste management rules.

If insurance is used to demonstrate third-party pollution legal liability coverage, then the policy must be amended by an endorsement on a form specified by the MMD. Special versions of the endorsements are available for policies that have been pre-accepted by the MMD. (Pre-acceptance involves the review of the policy form and all endorsements used for Michigan risks.) In addition, the owner or operator must sign a waiver of the right to immediate cancellation of the policy. The endorsements and waiver form are as follows:

Transfer Facility Amendatory Endorsement EQP 5141-b, (Revised 10/2019) 
Transfer Facility Amendatory Endorsement for Pre-Accepted Policies EQP 5141, (Revised 10/2019) 
Transfer Facility Waiver Form EQP 5141-1, (Revised 4/24/2020)