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US Ecology Romulus, Inc. - Hazardous Waste Management Facility Operating License Major Modification Application

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US Ecology Romulus, Inc. - Hazardous Waste Management Facility Operating License Major Modification Application


Tianna Kilgore

US Ecology Romulus, Inc. (USE Rom) operates a hazardous waste storage facility located at 36345 Van Born Road in Romulus, Michigan.  The facility was first established in the 1970’s, before hazardous waste handling and disposal operations were regulated under state or federal law. 

USE Rom’s hazardous waste management facility operating license (License) specifies the hazardous waste activities that they can perform at the facility.  The federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), its rules and the corresponding state hazardous waste regulations specify how the facility must operate to protect human health and the environment. They also identify the authorities that the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), Materials Management Division (MMD) has in licensing and overseeing facility operations. 

The current License was issued in 2015.  Hazardous waste operating licenses must be renewed every 5 to 10 years to address any changes in the regulations and provide an opportunity for EGLE to add or change license conditions to enhance compliance. 

In late 2018, EGLE received a proposed major modification application to USE Rom’s License.  The major modification application proposes to:  

  • introduce a new recycling process for aerosol cans;
  • transfer permitted hazardous waste tank storage capacity to permitted hazardous waste container storage capacity; and
  • decrease the overall amount of permitted hazardous waste storage capacity. 

The application does not seek to increase the amount of hazardous waste liquids USE Rom can treat per day nor does it seek to add waste codes to the operating license.   

To learn more about the License, please see the links below.   

What can you do to help EGLE?

You are the eyes and ears of your community.  Through your observations and reporting of activities of concern, you play a valuable role in helping EGLE protect human health and the environment.  To file a complaint or share details about improper waste handling or disposal, contact EGLE through the Pollution Emergency Alerting System (PEAS) Hotline at 800-292-4706.