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Improving Recycling in Michigan 2014 - 2015

Community Pollution Prevention Grant Program

In his 2012 special message on energy and the environment, Governor Rick Snyder acknowledged the low recycling rate in Michigan and committed to creating a plan to improve recycling in Michigan. EGLE responded by convening a stakeholder workgroup to advance the Governor’s objective. One finding of the workgroup was a need for more data and information to inform decision makers.

In 2014 the Governor announced a detailed plan to double Michigan’s recycling rate within two years. At about 15% Michigan has one of the lowest recycling rates in the country, resulting in lost economic opportunity. To work towards that goal and to meet the need for more data as identified by the stakeholder workgroup, the Community Pollution Prevention Grant Program has been targeting various aspects of recycling for the past few years.

Community Pollution Prevention Grants FY 2014 – A total of $250,000 in Community Pollution Prevention Grant Program funds were awarded to support three projects to collect data on Michigan’s recycling rate. Projects are providing information on the percentage of population with convenient access to recycling, places with high performing recycling programs, information on composition of municipal solid waste currently landfilled and incinerated, and the economic value of this material. This data is helping local recycling programs identify best practices and aiding the State in benchmarking progress on the EGLE scorecard.

2014 Awards

  • Michigan Recycling Coalition (MRC) $99,800

  • Northeast Michigan Council of Governments (NEMCOG) $99,900

  • West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum (WMSBF) $50,300

2014 Project Results

Community Pollution Prevention Grants FY 2015 – A total of $635,500 in grant funds were awarded to support fourteen projects across the state, all aimed at enhancing local or regional recycling programs. Project outcomes will include the development of recycling center infrastructure, delivery of education and outreach, enhancement of existing recycling programs, and the startup of new services or facilities. These grants will help the state meet Governor Snyder’s goal of doubling the statewide recycling rate.

2015 Awards

2015 Project Results


Matt Flechter