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Engagement and Training

Amendments to Part 115, Solid Waste Management, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended became effective in March 2023.

A portion of these amendments included a new Materials Management Planning process. The resources below can assist with training and showcase engagement opportunities related to this new process. 

Engagement and Training Opportunities

Michigan Recycling Coalition: Regional Meetings

  • MRC Regional Meeting Schedule and Registration Links:
    • West Michigan (9/7/23)
    • Mid-Michigan (9/21/23) 
    • Southwest Michigan (9/27/23)
    • Southeast Michigan (9/28/23)
    • Bay Thumb Area (10/12/23)
    • Northern Lower Peninsula (10/19/23)
    • Upper Peninsula (10/20/23)
    • East Michigan (10/30/23)

Planning Workgroup (open to the public)

  • September Meeting: Planning Tools and Resources [recording][slides]
  • October Meeting: Notice of Intent and First Steps [recording] [slides]
  • CANCELLED: November 15th @ 1:30 PM
  • Next Meeting: TBD

SWANA Part 115 Outreach Meeting

Catalyst Community Webinars

In March 2023, amendments to Part 115 of Michigan’s Solid Waste Law went into effect. These amendments have provided a broader approach to handling end-of-life materials including a new Materials Management Plan (Plan). This webinar will describe how the Plan will consider management of solid waste, recyclables, organics, and other related activities. Learn about new requirements, timelines, resources, and technical assistance opportunities that pertain to the Part 115 updates.

With amendments to Part 115 of Michigan’s Solid Waste Law going into effect earlier this year, now is a great time to learn what tools and resources EGLE offers to communities to assist them with their materials management programs. In this webinar, recycling specialists from EGLE will explain how they are helping Michigan communities navigate the complexities of these program changes. They will also elaborate on available technical assistance and educational services, as well as highlight grant opportunities communities can apply to for help funding successful materials management programs.