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Materials Management Program Staff Maps

Field staff are generally assigned by county. Please refer to the following staff maps for contact information on the topics listed.

  • Solid Waste staff are involved in permitting, licensing, and inspecting solid waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities, like landfills, transfer stations, and diversion centers.
  • Hazardous Waste and Liquid Industrial By-Products staff are involved with inspecting hazardous waste and liquid industrial by-products generators, transporters, and treatment, storage, and disposal facilities.
  • Scrap Tires staff are involved in inspecting scrap tire producers, transporters, collection centers, and recyclers.
  • Recycling staff are involved with providing technical assistance and grant assistance for increasing the volume, quality, and value of collected.
  • Planning staff are involved with providing assistance to counties in developing and maintaining materials management plans.

If you are not finding what you are looking for, please search our program list, frequently asked questions, or contact our Environmental Assistance Center at 800-662-9278.