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Project Purpose

The project purpose is to:

  • Identify and evaluate environmental impairments posed by abandoned mining wastes that were not effectively addressed under the US EPA's Superfund program at the Torch Lake Superfund Site.  According to the EGLE RRD Superfund Section, the US EPA defines the “active” Torch Lake Superfund Site as the upper six inches of stamp sand and slag in certain areas of Houghton County and any soil cap and vegetative cover applied to such areas (US EPA has selected a “no action” alternative for groundwater, surface water and sediment);
  • Provide findings to governmental stakeholders responsible for implementation and monitoring US EPA’s remedy for the Torch Lake Superfund Site so they can determine if any remedy modifications are necessary in Torch Lake or the terrestrial areas previously addressed by US EPA;
  • Support a comprehensive management approach that will guide EGLE’s decision making process in addressing potential human health and ecological concerns; and,
  • Address the most significant risks to public health and safety, or to the environment, posed by terrestrial abandoned mining wastes.