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Michigan Dam Owners Workshop (recorded 4/28/09)

On April 28, 2009 the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality presented the Michigan Dam Owners Workshop at Northern Michigan University in Marquette Michigan. The full-day Dam Owners Workshop is provided below in its entirety. The workshop has been broken into parts to make viewing easier. To view a part, click on the link. Reference materials that were provided at the workshop can be accessed below.

Part 1 (view): (1 Hr 28 Min)

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Dams (Workshop Session 1)
  • State Dam Safety Law (Workshop Session 2)
  • Dam Failure Modes and Case Histories (Workshop Session 3)
    Session 3 - Participant Guide 

Part 2 (view): (41 Min)

  • Dam Failure Modes and Case Histories (continued) (Workshop Session 3)

Part 3 (view): (39 Min)

  • Role of National Weather Service and National Weather Services Web Tools (Workshop Session 3a)

Part 4 (view): (18 Min)

  • Improving the Emergency Action Plan for Your Dam (Workshop Session 3b)

Part 5: (view) (1 Hr 34 Min)

  • Working with Your Emergency Management Coordinators (Workshop Session 3c)
  • Operation, Maintenance, and Safety Inspections of Dams (Workshop Session 4)
    Session 4 - Participant Guide 

Note: Sessions 3a, 3b and 3c replaced the normal session 5, Emergency Action Planning, from the standard ADSO workshop module.

Part 6  (view): (1 Hr 22 Min)  


Reference Documents

Sample Emergency Action Plan (EAP)