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Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps)

MiCorps Volunteers identifying aquatic insects.
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps)

Contact: Tamara Lipsey at or 517-342-4372

The long-term monitoring of Michigan’s waters is essential for understanding, protecting, and restoring our abundant lakes and streams. To collect this valuable data, the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) engages with residents statewide through the Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps).  MiCorps is a network of volunteer water quality monitoring programs in Michigan.

MiCorps was created through Michigan Executive Order #2003-15 to assist EGLE in collecting and sharing water quality data for use in water resources management and protection programs.

MiCorps is comprised of three core programs that actively engage volunteers statewide:  the Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program, Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program, and Volunteer Stream Cleanup Program.

Data collected by MiCorps volunteers is available online through the MiCorps Data Exchange.  This includes lake water quality, aquatic plant and invasive species, lake shoreline habitat, stream macroinvertebrate community, and stream habitat data.

For more information including how to participate in the MiCorps programs, please visit the MiCorps website.