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Michigan Stream Quantification Tool

A creek flowing through a emergent wetland area.
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Michigan Stream Quantification Tool


Bethany Matousek

The Michigan Stream Quantification Tool was developed to show the functional lift associated with stream restoration and mitigation projects and to provide objective, verifiable, and repeatable results by consolidating well-defined procedures for quantitative measures of stream condition and underlying processes.

Using the MiSQT at Impact and Mitigation Sites

Conditions Existing Conditions Proposed Conditions
Impact Site

Use MiSQT workbook

Enter Values from baseline assessment field data collection

Functional loss estimated by EGLE based on project description and design plans
Mitigation Site

Use MiSQT workbook

Enter values from baseline assessment field data collection

Use MiSQT work book

Estimate values using design plans

Information and Tools

Visit the Stream Mechanics Resources page for more information and tools on:

  • Mecklenburg Reference Reach spreadsheets
  • Large Woody Debris field manual and spreadsheet
  • BEHI/NBS Calculation spreadsheet
  • And More!


Past webinar recordings

Webinar Part 1

Welcome, Overview of the Stream Functions Pyramid, Overview of Key Metrics and Parameters

Webinar Part 2

Intro to the SQT and Debit Tool, Tour of the SQT User Manuals, Tour of the SQT using a Case Study, Next Steps, Q&A