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Coastal Zone Management Act Federal Consistency Certification


Matt Smar
Federal Consistency Specialist, Water Resources Division

Under Section 307 of the federal Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA), EGLE reviews federal agency activities within Michigan’s Coastal Zone Boundary that may impact coastal resources and uses. The purpose of the review is to determine whether the proposed activity complies with a range of Michigan’s resource protection statutes and rules. Many of these statutes are specific parts of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended.

Three types of federal agency activities require federal consistency review:

  • A project or activity that a federal agency implements directly.
  • A project or activity that requires a federal permit or license.
  • A state or local government project supported with federal financial assistance.

The applicant for the federal permit, license, or financial assistance is responsible for submitting the federal consistency certification request for EGLE review. The review period for a direct federal agency activity is 60 days; for a federal permit or license, six months; and for a project supported with federal financial assistance, 30 days.

The EGLE Water Resources Division coordinates CZMA federal consistency reviews. Where a project requires a permit from EGLE, review of the permit application by EGLE permitting staff serves as the federal consistency review and issuance of the permit provides the federal consistency certification. If a state permit is not required, EGLE Water Resources Division provides the certification in a letter.

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