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Grantee Tools: Developing Contracts

Contact: Bob Sweet 517-512-9765

Grantee Contract Development Checklist

Obtaining a DUNS Number: EPA is now requiring the Nonpoint Source Program to report DUNS numbers for all grantees.  A DUNs is the Data Universal Numbering System's unique nine-digit number provided by Dun and Bradstreet.  This requirement applies to grantees that receive or earn as match $25,000 or more, and for each contractor that receives or earns as match $25,000 or more.  Contractors include for-profits, non-profits, state agencies, and federal agencies.  It does NOT apply to "sole proprietors", which are organizations who are not incorporated (for example, Sally's Graphic Design, a sole person working out of her home doing graphic design work).  Grantee DUNS numbers will be included in grant contracts.  Contractor DUNS are required on the Contractor's Qualification's Forms. 

BMP Form for Contracts

Contract Rates: Consultants and Volunteers