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On-Line Watershed Training Opportunities

The following watershed training opportunities are presented for consideration by our stakeholders.  These trainings are run by our partners; EGLE does not control content or costs (if any).

U.S. EPA Watershed Academy

This is a free distance learning training open to everyone provided by the USEPA. More than 50 modules are available and a Watershed Management Training Certificate can be earned. To earn a Watershed Management Training Certificate a minimum of 15 modules must be completed; 12 of which must be from the core modules list. All core modules have self-tests, which trainees must pass with a grade of 70 percent or higher (retesting is permitted). Copies of self-tests or test grades do not have to be mailed to the Watershed Academy -- this is an honor-system-based program.

River Network CWA Course

This is a free online course regarding the CWA. The course is a companion to the River Network’s book, The Clean Water Act: An Owner's Manual. Course content is structured to help you to: (1) isolate specific problems; (2) identify possible solutions; (3) develop and leverage existing programs; and (4) build effective outreach tools. The goal is to help you understand: (a) the laws established to protect our diverse waters; and (b) the power you have to exercise this knowledge.

Michigan State University’s Virtual Watershed Program

An Internet-based Academic Credit or Professional Certificate Program that requires admission to MSU as an undergraduate/ graduate student or registration under the Lifelong Education Program.  Fees are assessed on a per credit basis.  The Institute of Water Research and the Department of Community Sustainability at Michigan State University is currently offering a series of Internet-based courses leading to undergraduate credit, graduate credit or a professional certificate. Those individuals who complete all four courses (3-credits each) will receive a Professional Certificate in Watershed Management. Whether you are a professional or a student, this program is an opportunity for you to update your skills to meet the challenges of resource management under the watershed approach framework. All of our Virtual Watershed courses are delivered entirely via the Internet