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Industrial/Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification

Contact: Earl Wuestnick 517-881-0797

Certification is offered in a variety of classifications, each relating to a unit process.  Follow this link to a List of the Current Classifications and Definitions.  Education and experience requirements for each of the classifications are described in the Industrial/Commercial Certification Practices.

Operators requesting only A-1a (Special Classification) or A-1h (Non-Contact Cooling Water) certification may apply throughout the year.  Download the Application for A-1a and A-1h Certification, complete it, and email it to the address indicated.

These Industrial/Commercial Wastewater Certification Examinations are offered twice a year in August and February.   The Examination Announcement and Application for the current cycle are posted above.  Also included are directions for completing the application and the qualifications for each classification.  Operators may find the Examination Guide and the list of Sources of Reference Material helpful in preparing for the certification exams.

Industrial / Commercial certification is valid for 5 years from the year it is issued.  In the year that your certification expires on July 1, you may apply for certification renewal beginning in January of that year.  Download and complete the Renewal Application and email it to the address indicated.

If you cannot download this material, we will mail it to you. Send your name and address to Earl Wuestnick at


Part 31 of Act 451, Industrial Rules for Industrial Wastewater Operator Certification