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EGLE Process for Obtaining Authorization to Apply Bacterial Augmentation Products

Contact: Sara Nedrich 517-242-4989

In compliance with the provisions of R 323.1097 of Part 31, Water Resources Protection, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended (Act 451), EGLE has regulatory jurisdiction over projects involving the application of bacterial augmentation products to surface waters of the state.

An entity is authorized to apply bacterial augmentation products to surface waters of the state by following the provisions under the appropriate certification as follows:

Coverage under the General Rule 97 Certification Authorizing Bacterial Augmentation Products in Surface Waters (Certification R97-23/001) is necessary for the application of bacterial augmentation products directly to surface waters of the state.  The product(s) used must appear on the Acceptable Michigan Bacterial Augmentation Products list.  The applicant must submit a Notification of Intent.  Upon acknowledgement from EGLE that a Notification of Intent has been received, the applicant is authorized to commence bacterial augmentation treatment in compliance with the R97-19/002 certification.  Acknowledgement of receipt of the Notification of Intent can be determined at Rule 97 Certifications: Applying Chemicals to Water, or by contacting Sara Nedrich at 517-242-4989, or e-mail at

For requests to have other products added to the Acceptable Michigan Bacterial Augmentation Products list, please contact Sara Nedrich.