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Shoreland Management

Image showing bluff erosion in Muskegon County, MI.
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Shoreland Management

Part 323, Shorelands Protection and Management, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 Public Act 451, as amended is the key state statute providing consumer protection from the natural hazards of coastal erosion and flooding  as well as environmental protection of our fragile coastal areas. Part 323 is closely integrated with Part 325, the Great Lakes Submerged Lands, Part 353, Sand Dunes Protection and Management, and the Coastal Management Program which  provides grants to state and local units of government.

If you have any questions about Michigan's Shorelands Management Program, contact Kate Lederle,  phone 517-290-2757, or write to  Water Resources Division, EGLE, P.O. Box 30458, Lansing MI 48909-7958.

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Kate Lederle

Protecting Your Shoreline

Higher water levels and storms are changing the shorelines of the Great Lakes.
The beach you visited last year may not be there this year. Waves are splashing at the toe of the bluff and taking sand out into the lake. See the information to the right to learn more about your changing shoreline and the options to protect it. Permits are required from both EGLE and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) prior to placement of any shore protection. See links to the EGLE/USACE joint permit application information under the Permits section further down the page.