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Monthly Operating Report (MOR) Forms

Activated Sludge XLS, updated 5/23/2022

Fixed Film (Trickling Filters and Rotating Biological Contactors) XLS, updated 5/23/2022

Extended Aeration updated XLS, 5/23/2022

Sequencing Batch Reactor XLS, updated 1/11/2021

Filter Bed and Irrigation Fields XLS, updated 1/11/2021

Solids Aerobic Digestion XLS, updated 1/11/2021

Solids Anaerobic Digestion XLS, updated 1/11/2021

Solids Lime Stabilization XLS, updated 1/11/2021

Stabilization Lagoon XLS, updated 1/112021

Aerated Stabilization Lagoon XLS, updated 1/11/2021