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Remediation Information Data Exchange

  • RIDE is a public-facing application, so no account is needed to view public information available in RIDE. Anyone who wants to submit a document through RIDE is required to have an MILogin and RIDE user account. Some documents are required to be "Certified" by the submitter (not their consultant) providing the document to EGLE. Any owner, operator, liable party, or other entity certifying a document submitted to RIDE is required to have a MILogin account.

  • There are three (3) steps to becoming a RIDE Third Party user:

    1. COMPLETE RIDE USER FORM: On the RIDE public user page, navigate to the Inventory of Facilities (IOF), scroll down and select "Become a RIDE User". Complete and submit the form.

    2. CREATE MILOGIN ACCOUNT: When you complete Step 1, you will receive an email with instructions for creating a MILogin for Third Party account. Create the account and log in.

    3. REQUEST ACCESS: Once you have a MILogin for Third Party account, navigate to "Request Access", search for RIDE, and request the application. Once approved, you will be able to access RIDE through your MILogin account.

    NOTE: For trouble creating a MILogin Account or requesting RIDE through MILogin, please contact the DTMB Client Service Center at 1-877-932-6424.

    It can take 1-5 business days to process new user accounts.

  • Please contact the DTMB Client Service Center at 1-877-932-6424 for any trouble creating a MILogin Account or accessing any of the applications available through MILogin. If you don't see RIDE as an available application, the MILogin team may need to reset your account.

  • Business owners and other entities providing submittals that require secondary certification must have their own RIDE account in order to voluntarily use the RIDE system. The secondary certification acts as the electronic signature for the submitter. The RIDE system does not allow for scanned letters, submittal forms, or other documents as a form of electronic signature; this must be done through the certification process. As an alternative, a hardcopy submittal form with original signatures and a copy of the report on a CD may be provided to the appropriate district office through the regular mail.

    If the consultant performs the primary and secondary certification steps, an email will be sent requesting that this submittal be withdrawn and the consultant start the submittal process again. The Owner/Operator must secondary certify for submittals that require secondary certification.

  • Most submittals require the secondary certification step. However, only certain submittals require that the Owner/Operator perform this step. For Part 213 submittals, these are:

    • EQP4002 - Initial Assessment Report Cover Sheet
    • EQP4000 - Final Assessment Report Cover Sheet
    • EQP4005 - Final Assessment Report Conditional Approval Documentation
    • EQP4452 - Closure Report Cover Sheet
    • EQP4004 - Closure Conditional Approval Documentation
    • EQP4001 - Supplemental Information Cover Sheet

    NOTE: Any revised reports (e.g., Revised FAR, Revised Closure) also requires secondary certification by the Owner/Operator.

    If you are a consultant submitting a report that is not on this list, you may submit the report/documentation on behalf of your client, provided that your client has given you authorization to do so.

  • After seven (7) calendar days of a submittal not being secondary certified, an email will be sent to the "submitter" as indicated on the submittal form that secondary certification is required. That email will note that if the submittal is not certified within twenty (20) days of the email, it will be considered administratively incomplete and not accepted as an official submittal by EGLE.

  • No, when using RIDE the submittal forms are built-in to the submittal process. There is no need to provide a duplicate of this form, and no need to acquire signatures. This is accomplished by certifying the submittal in RIDE.

    Some submittals require the inclusion of additional forms. For example, a No Further Action report has a submittal form (EQP4030). However, this report also requires EQP4029 and EQP4031, affidavits of persons preparing and submitting the report. In this case, you would complete EQP4029/4031 as appropriate and include them with your attachment, but EQP4030 would be done electronically in RIDE.

    Access to the Part 201 and 213 Program Forms and Documents can be found on this webpage.

  • The Organization/Company means the entity that is electing to provide the report and is ultimately responsible for the information transmitted to EGLE. Examples include the Owner or Operator responsible for a release, a Property Owner seeking liability protection, or a Potentially Responsible Party for a release. The Organization/Company does not mean the consultant submitting a report on behalf of a client. Similarly, the Contact is the representative of the Organization/Company providing the report, and not their consultant.

  • Yes, please send an email to Someone will get back to you within 1-5 working days.