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Become a RIDE User

Account Request - New Third-Party Users


A new user account in RIDE is established using a 3-step process, all of which are required.

  1. Complete “Become a RIDE User” form in RIDE.
  2. Create a MILogin Account for Third Party Users (not necessary if you already have a Third Party MILogin Account).
  3. Request the RIDE application in your MILogin Account.

Note: For trouble creating a MILogin Account or requesting RIDE through MILogin, please contact the DTMB Client Service Center at 1-877-932-6424.


For RIDE questions, contact:

For MiLogin issues call:

Already a user? Log in here:
MiLogin for Third Party

NEW: If a regulated entity elects not to create a MILogin/RIDE account, EGLE has developed a form that allows the Primary Certifier to perform the Secondary Certification step on behalf of the regulated entity. Form EQP4032 (also available on the Part 201/213 Program Forms and Documents Webpage) should be completed and signed by the regulated entity. A scanned copy should be placed as the first page of the Attachment being submitted through the RIDE system. With the completion of this form, The Primary Certifier should provide the submittal through RIDE, and then perform the Secondary Certification step on behalf of their client.

Step 1: Complete “Become a RIDE User” Form

  1. Navigate to the RIDE application for public users here:

  2. Select the “Become a RIDE User” button and follow the instructions. Screen capture from the RIDE database showing the Become a RIDE User Button

  3. Complete the required fields and press “Submit”.

    Note: For the Organization/Company field, please try to find the organization name used by your co-workers before entering a new one. This will help avoid duplicate entries.

  4. You will receive an email with instructions for creating a MILogin for Third Party account.

Step 2: Create a MILogin for Third Party Account

  1. Navigate to the MILogin for Third Party website, where you will be prompted to either use an existing account to login or create a new account using the “SIGN UP” button. Select “SIGN UP” and complete the required fields.Screen capture showing the location of the sign-up button for MILogin for Third Party Accounts

Note: Do not create a new MILogin for Third Party account if you already created one for another use.  You can add RIDE to your existing MILogin for Third Party account.

Step 3: Request the RIDE Application

  1. After you have logged in using an existing or newly created account you will need to request access to RIDE. You can do so by clicking on the REQUEST ACCESS button.

  2. After you have clicked the REQUEST ACCESS button you will be prompted to search for the application. Enter “RIDE” in the search bar. You can filter your search by selecting EGLE as the application agency.Screen capture showing the location of the Request Access button on the MILogin for Third Party web page

  3. Next, click on RIDE in the search results. Follow the prompts and submit your request.Screen capture showing how to request access to the RIDE database through MILogin

  4. You will receive an email at the email address used to create your account for MiLogin for Third Party when EGLE has granted access.

  5. After access has been granted, you will be able to click on the RIDE link on the home page of MILogin for Third Party to access RIDE.

Note: Bookmark the MILogin for Third Party page for easy access to RIDE in the future.

Help Creating an Account

  • Please note that it can take 1-5 business days to process new user accounts.
  • Please direct all MILogin for Third Party account issues to the MILogin Help Desk; available at 1-800-968-2644 or 517-241-9700, M-F 8:00am to 4:30pm.
  • For questions related to RIDE use, please email