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Secondary Certificate Guidance

Secondary Certification of a Submittal


For certain submittals, it is a requirement of the RIDE system that the business owner/operator or other entity responsible for providing the information to EGLE certify the submittal, a process known as “secondary certification”. The secondary certification acts as the electronic signature for the submitter.

  • Primary Certification – Usually completed by environmental consultant, attorney, or other entity acting on behalf of a client.
  • Secondary Certification – Must be completed by the business or other entity owner or designated representative responsible for providing the information to EGLE.

Uploading and certifying submittals requires a valid RIDE user account. For information on obtaining a RIDE user account, please see the Become a RIDE User guidance document.


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NEW: If a regulated entity elects not to create a MILogin/RIDE account, EGLE has developed a form that allows the Primary Certifier to perform the Secondary Certification step on behalf of the regulated entity. Form EQP4032 (also available on the Part 201/213 Program Forms and Documents Webpage) should be completed and signed by the regulated entity. A scanned copy should be placed as the first page of the Attachment being submitted through the RIDE system. With the completion of this form, The Primary Certifier should provide the submittal through RIDE, and then perform the Secondary Certification step on behalf of their client.


With the exception of Form EQP4032, the RIDE system does not allow for scanned letters, submittal forms, or other documents as a form of electronic signature; this must be done through the certification process. As an alternative, a signed submittal form and a copy of the report on a CD may be provided to the appropriate district office through the regular mail.

Secondary Certifying a Submittal

  1. Navigate to the MILogin for Third Party website, log in and select the RIDE application.

  2. Select the Inventory of Facilities (IOF) module.

  3. Scroll to the table below and search for your facility by entering the facility ID, name, address, or other known fields.Screen capture showing the various search option windows in the RIDE database.

  4. When you find your facility, select the ellipses on the far right. You may need to scroll to the right.Screen capture showing the button used to see record details in the RIDE database.

  5. Click on “Location Submittals”, find the submittal that you want to certify, and select the “Plus” button.Screen capture showing locations submittal process in the RIDE database.

  6. Use the “Submittal Action” dropdown and select “Certify in Progress”. You can also amend the report if desired. Select the submittal that you want to certify.
      Screen capture showing button to expand record details in the RIDE database.

  7.  Review the information provided in the submittal. If the submittal information is accurate, scroll to the Submitter Authorization section. As Secondary Certifier, identify your Role, the Certification Status, and the Organization/Company you represent (this should match the organization you used to set up your user account).
     Screen capture showing searchable fields in the RIDE application
  8. Once you Submit and Exit, the submittal will be transmitted to EGLE to review for administrative completeness. You will be contacted if the submittal is not administratively complete and cannot be accepted by EGLE. 

  9. For questions related to RIDE use, please email