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EGLE Career Series: Fast Five with department’s new Recruitment and Internship Specialist

Today’s MI Environment Fast Five edition in its Career Series (along with the Career Series videos on YouTube) talks with Cindy Whittum, the new Recruitment and Internship Specialist at the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE).



Cindy Whittum, EGLE's Recruitment and Internship Specialist.


What is your position at EGLE and what office/city/region do you work out of? 

My title is Recruitment and Internship Specialist and I work out of the Environmental Support Division for EGLE. I am based out of Lansing in Constitution Hall but I cover the entire state of Michigan.

Discuss your education journey. 

I am a nontraditional college graduate receiving my degree “a few years” later in life.  My degree is in community development and public administration from Central Michigan University. I am a certified career development facilitator and have also taken a number of intensive trainings in career advising and coaching.

What is a typical workday like? 

My role is focused on recruiting talent to fill vacant roles and providing strategic planning for EGLE’s long-term talent attraction initiatives. I will also be working closely with our environmental education coordinator on career awareness events and activities targeting EGLE’s future workforce through K-12 engagement.

How does that you do in your job have an impact on Michiganders’ lives? 

It’s my job to make sure we have a strong talent pipeline of candidates applying for roles within EGLE, making sure we can fill key roles that are so very important to the well-being of Michigan’s environment and the health and safety of its citizens. 

What advice can you offer to students considering your career path? 

Don’t limit yourself and keep an open mind about your career journey. A career path is never a straight line to that ideal career. There are curves, bumps and outright failures to navigate along that path to success. For me personally, I have learned more about myself and my abilities from my failures than from my successes.