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EGLE grant helps revitalize Eastern Gateway property into Northville

A brownfield redevelopment grant from the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) will help the city of Northville and 456 Cady LLC redevelop a contaminated site for mixed use commercial, office and residential.

A historic industrial property in Northville will be redeveloped with an an EGLE brownfield redevelopment grant.

A historic industrial property in Northville will be redeveloped with an EGLE brownfield redevelopment grant. 


456 East Cady Street has been used primarily for industrial purposes over the past century.  Past property uses have left the site contaminated with metals, PNAs and volatile organic compounds in the soil and shallow groundwater. The $800,000 brownfield grant will help address the contamination to protect future occupants and make the site safe for reuse.

Northville will use the EGLE grant to address the site’s environmental contamination, including excavation and disposal of impacted soils onsite, and installation of barrier systems to prevent exposure to any residual contamination.

In addition to the grant, EGLE also has approved just over $730,000 in brownfield tax increment financing for environmental costs not covered under the grant. According to the developer and their consultants, soil and groundwater were likely contaminated by the sites historic industrial operations which included a foundry, machine shops and a mill pond associated with an adjacent industrial site. Impacted fill soils were also found throughout the property.  The redevelopment will help revitalize this area of the city by creating a mixed-use development that will bring approximately 30 full time jobs and $25 million in private investment.

Expected outcomes

  • State Equalized Value increase from $517,000 to $13 million.
  • $25 million in private investment.
  • Estimated 30 new jobs.
  • Contaminated soil will be removed and properly disposed of in a landfill.
  • A barrier beneath the building will eliminate unacceptable exposure to vapors.