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Report: Michigan leads Midwest region in number of clean energy workers

As part of Careers in Energy Week, today’s edition of MI Environment is highlighting a recently-released report that shows that clean energy jobs in Michigan grew by 4.6% in 2022.

Clean energy businesses in Michigan added more than 5,400 workers in 2022, now employing 123,983 Michiganders. The state now leads the Midwest region in number of clean energy workers. That’s according to a new analysis of employment data released today by the national, nonpartisan business group E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) and Evergreen Climate Innovations. The report comes after the one-year anniversary of the largest investment in climate and clean energy in history, which is already boosting clean energy jobs and businesses across the state and region, and as the state considers legislation to adopt policies from the MI Healthy Climate Plan. Strong state policy will ensure the clean energy industry keeps growing.

Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist with others at Clean Jobs event.

Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist (third from left) with others at Clean Jobs event. 


The energy efficiency sector continued to lead clean energy in total jobs in 2022 in Michigan with more than 75,000 workers. The fastest growing sector in 2022 in Michigan was clean transportation with 14.4 percent growth, adding over 4,067 new jobs for a total of 32,271 workers.

At a press conference with local business leaders to release the 2023 Clean Jobs Midwest report with local business leaders, Michigan Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II said, “Today’s blockbuster report proves that the work we are doing in Michigan is growing our economy and setting a national example for climate action. Michiganders in communities across our state are bringing their entrepreneurial know-how and unmatched competitive spirit to the fight against climate change.

“Governor Whitmer signed bipartisan budgets investing millions in climate resilient infrastructure and clean energy improvements for state facilities, families, and small businesses, and called for a 100% clean energy standard. We are committed to working together with Michiganders to grow our economy, lower costs for families, and give our children a stronger, more sustainable world.”

Other Findings:

  • There was 3.6 percent growth in clean energy jobs in 2022 in the Midwest.
  • The Midwest is now home to 734,753 clean energy jobs.
  • There was 11.2 percent growth of jobs in the clean transportation sector in the Midwest, the region’s fastest-growing sector in 2022.
  • Small businesses account for 4.6 percent of Michigan’s clean energy sector – in 2022, 75.3 percent of Michigan’s clean energy businesses employed fewer than 20 people.
  • 10.6 percent of Michiganders employed in clean energy are veterans. For a full breakdown of clean energy jobs for every state in the Midwest, see the Clean Jobs Midwest website.


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