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EGLE is ‘talking trash’ in new video series focused on waste management strategies. First up: composting

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has launched a new video series focused on waste management strategies such as recycling, composting, landfilling, and more.

Thumbnail from Talking Trash video on composting.  It says Talking Trash: a show that redefines "waste." Composting.

The first video in the “Talking Trash” series looks at reducing food waste through composting – from small at-home set-ups to large, commercial operations.

“The ‘Talking Trash’ video series will highlight how discarded materials are handled to protect you and the environment, as well as preserve our natural resources and fight climate change,” says Aaron Hiday, EGLE’s compost specialist. “The first episode in this series looks at compost, including what it is, how it’s made, and how the simple act of composting is a powerful tool to help protect our environment and fight climate change.”

Composting can be done on a small scale at home – or on a largescale commercial basis like at Hammond Farms, in Lansing, which has compost windrows the length of two football fields. Country Oaks Landscape Supply, another commercial composter in Burton, even captures the heat generated from composting and uses it to heat an onsite greenhouse and aquaponic system.

Check out the video and head over to EGLE’s solid waste webpage to learn more about waste and how to manage unwanted materials more sustainably.