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EGLE releases new environmental education curriculum in 2023

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) is releasing three newly updated collections in the Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support (MEECS) series: Water Quality, Ecosystems & Biodiversity, and Climate Change.

Teachers practice activities from the new MEECS Water Quality Unit at Albion College.

Teachers practice activities from the new MEECS Water Quality Unit at Albion College. 


MEECS includes seven collections of lessons covering Air Quality, Water Quality, Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Land Use, Land and Environment, Energy Resources, and Climate Change.

The newly released Water Quality, Ecosystems, and Climate Change collections are all aligned to Michigan Science Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards, which focus on three-dimensional learning that integrates scientific practices, key knowledge and concepts, and crosscutting concepts that reach across multiple fields.

Learn more about the MEECS materials released in 2023 and what is still to come in early 2024:

Water Quality: High School Focus

Tailored for high schoolers, the Water Quality collection features five in-depth case studies focusing on critical water issues in Michigan. Lessons span from groundwater flow to the impact of human activities on water quality. Through engaging activities and local exploration, students gain practical skills and become advocates for watershed protection and water conservation. This collection is available now.

Ecosystems & Biodiversity: Middle School Exploration

Designed for middle school students, the Ecosystems & Biodiversity unit immerses learners in the intricacies of ecosystems and the importance of biodiversity with a focus on Michigan’s unique features. Real-world applications, hands-on activities, and case studies encourage students to understand the balance of nature and advocate for biodiversity preservation. This collection is available now.

Climate Change: Awaiting Release with Online Previews

The MEECS Climate Change lessons aim to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of climate science and actionable steps for addressing climate impacts in Michigan. While the full updated version of Climate Change collection will be released in January 2024, student data explorations that support the lessons are available now at the new MI EnviroLearning Hub. This hub will be expanded to support other MEECS lessons throughout 2024 and beyond.

All MEECS units are freely accessible online at, and teacher workshops are available upon request.