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By the Numbers: EGLE's 2023 outreach efforts

The Environmental Support Division (ESD) at the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) is responsible for the department's proactive outreach efforts and support functions necessary to maintain an effective organization. The division prepares professional materials to support the department's communication strategy. It hosts live events, coordinates webinars, produces videos, and develops publications. Working with program staff, the division assures public meetings and public hearings are professionally conducted. In addition, the division operates the call center, coordinates emergency response efforts, oversees the department's facilities, and provides training opportunities to staff.

EGLE Director Phil Roos speaking at Sustainability Conference in October 2023 in Gaylord.

EGLE Director Phil Roos speaking at the Sustainability Conference in October 2023 in Gaylord. 


Here’s a 2023 summary of the department’s outreach activities:

  • Webinar Training
    • Number of webinar events – 127
    • Webinar attendees – 25,694
    • The average number of attendees per webinar grew to 202 in 2023.
  • Webinar recording views (recordings of webinars hosted in 2023)
    • Number of views - 21,624
  • Live events (workshops/conferences)
    • Number of events - 22
    • Live event attendees – 2,349
    • Events in 2023 included three first-time conferences: Michigan Environmental Justice Conference, MI Healthy Climate Conference, , Great Lakes Water Infrastructure Conference and the State of Western Lake Erie Conference.
  • Public Meeting/Hearing Events
    • Number of events - 67
    • Public Meeting attendees – 2,187
  • YouTube/ Video Production
    • Video published to YouTube – 127
    • YouTube Channel Subscribers – 3,385, up 8% from 2022
    • YouTube Video views - 173,800

Find information on all of EGLE’s upcoming events as well as recordings of previous online events at