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New video highlights EGLE's Enviroscape model that demonstrates to students how landfills work

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has released a new video that details the Enviroscape model that demonstrates how landfills work. The model is available to be checked out by teachers, community groups, or other organizations in Michigan to support outreach and education activities.

Screenshot from video on EGLE's landfill Enviroscape with Tiffany Johnson with images of floating trash in the background.

The video on EGLE's landfill Enviroscape features Tiffany Johnson. 


In 2021 alone, Michigan threw away over 13 million tons of trash. The Enviroscape landfill model demonstrates how modern landfills protect Michigan’s air, land, and water from the harmful effects of all that trash.

In the video, Tiffany Johnson, an EGLE landfill engineering specialist, highlights where the trash generated by Michiganders every day goes and how landfills work.

“By using the Landfill Enviroscape model you can learn all about where trash goes after it's picked up from your curb, how it's managed to prevent harm to us and our environment, and what we can all do to reduce waste in the first place,” she said.

“We can practice sustainable materials management by reducing the amount of new things we buy, reusing and repurposing old materials before buying new, and recycling and composting,” Johnson added.

Watch the other videos in the EGLE Classroom Lending Station playlist, then sign up to borrow one of the models. It’s simple and easy. Just  go to EGLE Classroom Lending Station webpage and fill out the checkout form.  Anyone checking out the landfill lending station will receive two copies of EGLE’s landfill cross section and glossary poster to keep.  

Find more details and videos about managing materials wisely by viewing our landfill story map found at