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2021 SARA Title III Webinar Series

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2021 SARA Title III Webinar Series

Does your facility store chemicals that require safety data sheets?  Are you new to Tier ll Reporting or need to refresh your reporting skills and have questions?

SARA Title III, also known as the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, requires facilities to report potentially hazardous and extremely hazardous materials to state and local officials that can be vital to the safety of employees, first responder and the surrounding community.

The SARA Title III - Tier ll Webinar Series provides an overview of program regulations, reporting requirements, emergency planning provisions and a step-by-step tutorial on logging into Tier II Manager and initiating a Tier II Annual Report.  

Before viewing the sessions below, view the (free) recorded introductory webinar:  SARA Title III Tier II Reporting Basics.

Decoding SARA Title III Requirements that May Apply to Your Facility (recorded 1/12/22, 123 min)

This session will focus on the four main components of the SARA Title III Regulations in Michigan. The session will also discuss some of the chemicals regulated by SARA Title III and discuss release reporting requirements under the regulation.

Drilling Down: Tier II Reporting Requirements in Michigan (recorded 1/19/22, 95 min)

This session will drill down into SARA Title III's Tier II Reporting requirements in Michigan. The session will also discuss thresholds for Tier ll Reporting (hazardous chemical and extremely hazardous chemical reporting), and demonstrate how to perform basic calculations and determine if your facility needs to submit a Tier ll Report in Michigan by presenting a reporting scenario.

Navigating the Online Tier II Manager Program and Frequently Asked Questions (recorded 1/26/22, 102 min)

This session will outline how to access the Online Tier II Manager Program, registering for a new account or assume an existing user account, access your facility(s) in Tier ll Manager, enter chemical information, and submit a Tier II Annual Report.  This session will also include a frequently asked questions component where common questions are addressed, as well as new questions from the workshop audience.

Michigan SARA Title III Web page: