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Basic Chemistry for Water Operators

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) developed this Principles of Basic Chemistry webinar series for beginners and established operators who would like more understanding of chemistry as it relates to water treatment.  These classes will help establish the background knowledge required to progress to the next state of chemistry for water operators. 

The series is comprised of two parts, Principles of Basic Chemistry Part 1 and Principles of Basic Chemistry Part 2.   Each Part featured a Session A and Session B. Each session provided 0.2 CECs in the Technical Category for Drinking Water and Wastewater Operators. To receive CECs you must have participated in the live session and answered the poll questions during the live session. 

Principles of Basic Chemistry Part 1

Lesson topics include the history of chemistry, parts of an atom, the periodic table, bond types and forms, naming compounds, and balancing equations. 

Chemistry Part 1 Session A (Recorded 2/07/2023, Duration 2 Hours 26 Minutes) - Recording temporarily unavailable

Chemistry Part 1 Session B (Recorded 2/08/2023, Duration 2 Hours 24 Minutes)

Principles of Basic Chemistry Part 2

Lesson topics include the balancing reactions, molar masses, rules of fractions and unit conversations, history of the mole, molar mass ratios, molar ratio conversation factors, and stoichiometric calculations. 

Chemistry Part 2 Session A (Recorded 2/14/2023, Duration 2 Hours 25 Minutes)

Chemistry Part 2 Session B (Recorded 2/15/2023, Duration 2 Hours 28 Minutes)