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Small System Water Operator Training

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy has developed this virtual training for operators and owners of small, privately-owned public drinking water supplies across the state. Topics include EGLE's new MIEHDWIS database, capacity development, coliform bacteria source investigation, cross connection, system maintenance, communications, water system emergencies, and other issues relative to small drinking water supplies.

Recorded Webinar Series for Small Systems Operators


Session 1: MiEHDWIS and Capacity Development
(Recorded 08/08/2023, Duration 1 Hour 2 Minutes)

Session 2: The Continuous Coliform: Investigations of Coliform Bacteria in Water Systems 
(Recorded 08/10/2023, Duration 1 Hour 11 Minutes)

Session 3: Cross Connections and Flushing & Valve Exercising
(Recorded 08/15/2023, Duration 1 Hour 6 Minutes)

Session 4: Transparency and Communications with Consumers 
(Recorded 08/17/2023, Duration 1 Hour 3 Minutes)

Session 5: Response and Planning for Water System Emergencies
(Recorded 08/22/2023, Duration 1 Hour)