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Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grants - Federal Clean Water Act Section 319

Purpose:  To provide funding to implement nonpoint source activities identified in EGLE-approved watershed management plans.  Implementation activities must address specific sources of nonpoint source pollution identified by Michigan's Nonpoint Source Program Plan

Goals:  To restore waters impaired by nonpoint source pollution and protect high quality waters from degradation.  This funding source provides for the implementation of physical improvements as well as information/education strategies, land use planning, the installation of easements and related activities.  


  • Anticipated water quality benefit in relation to the costs.
  • Ability of the applicant to carry out the project.
  • Expected long-term water quality improvement or protection.
  • Consistency with the approved watershed management plan.
  • Project evaluation activities.
  • Commitment for financial and technical assistance by project partners.

Eligibility:  Eligible agencies include county or local units of government, state agencies and non-profit organizations.  An EGLE-approved watershed plan that meets the U.S. EPA's nine planning elements is required to be eligible.

Application Process:  Request for proposals (RFP) is announced with a deadline for application.  Eligible applicants can contact EGLE Nonpoint Source staff for grant application assistance.  Prior to application, locally developed watershed management plans should be submitted to the EGLE for review and approval.

Nominating Procedure:  Grant applications are selected for funding by the EGLE Director and the Environmental Protection Agency based on eligibility and priority criteria described in the grant application package. 

Deadlines:  Deadlines will be included in each request for proposals.  Watershed management plans can be submitted for EGLE review at any time throughout the year.

Timelines:  Applicants will have a minimum of 60 days to respond.  In general, applicants can expect to receive notification within 270 days of the application submittal deadline.

Dollar Amounts(s) Available (Min. or Max):  Approximately $2 million will be available each round of funding.  There is no maximum for proposals submitted.  The minimum amount is $25,000.

Required Match:  Watershed implementation projects require a minimum 25% match.

Source(s) of Funds:  Federal Clean Water Act Section 319.

Authority: Federal Clean Water Act Section 319(h).

Responsible Division/Office Contact:  Water Resources Division, Nonpoint Source Unit, Robert Sweet, 517-512-9765.

Phase-out/Expansion/Changes for Next Fiscal Year:  None. 

Related Grants:  These grants are often coordinated with Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grants - Clean Michigan Initiative, which are limited to implementing physical improvements in EGLE-approved watershed plans.

Recent Awards/Example Project:  See the project summaries describing the results of completed Nonpoint Source grant projects 

Request for Proposals:  See the most recent Nonpoint Source Program RFP.