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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Onsite Consultation

Private Sector Manufacturing and Construction -
Employers working in Michigan may request a voluntary MIOSHA inspection of their workplace (full or partial) without the attachment of fines or penalties. These on-site consultations are conducted by occupational safety consultants or industrial hygienists in the CET onsite consultation section. Employers must agree, prior to the start of this inspection, to correct all serious violations found during the voluntary inspection. Currently, priority for participation in this program is given to manufacturing and construction employers with less than 250 employees. Other requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Onsite Consultation Services Guideline (OSC-94)
Extension Request Form (OSC-SH-001)
Certificate of Abatement (OSC-SH-002)
Onsite Consultation Brochure (MIOSHA/CET #0142)