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Upcoming 2021 Changes

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Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency implemented voluntary electronic reporting of Workers’ Compensation Proof of Coverage data (EDI) on May 31, 2005.  WDCA will continue to accept Proof of Coverage data in the format described in POC Implementation Guide (9-29-09) until January 19, 2021, when we plan to transition to IAIABC POC EDI Release 3.0 standard.  Questions regarding POC EDI reporting in Michigan should be directed to  

Trading partner tables below describe POC Release 3.0 reporting events, data requirements and validation edits that will be applied to submitted EDI transactions.  A summary of changes from previous electronic reporting requirements are described in Jur Change Log worksheet of each table. Click on the corresponding link to view or download each table:

MI POC Implementation Guide Rev. 7/29/2020 describes reporting requirements, processing times and guidelines to prepare for EDI partnership.

MI POC Event Table Rev. 08/21/2020 (MS Excel): This table defines Proof of Coverage reporting events (Triplicate Codes).  Conditions to determine reportable events and criteria to derive respective due date are described.  Note: Only Triplicate Codes where a date is indicated in the Event Rule From date column should be reported; MI does not require and will not accept Triplicate codes where “N/A” is indicated in this column.

MI POC Quick Code Reference (MS Excel) - This spreadsheet illustrates Proof of Coverage code values and their descriptions.  Standard codes not accepted in Michigan are greyed out.

MI POC Element Requirement Table Rev. 10/14/2020 (MS Excel): This table defines the data required to be included in reportable events (Triplicate Code) indicated in the Event table.

MI POC Edit Matrix Rev. 11/20/2019 (MS Excel): This table defines the code validation, edits that will be applied to the data, population restrictions and Error Text that will be returned on acknowledgments for edit failures. The Edit Matrix also provides the standard error messages associated with these edits.

For more information about IAIABC EDI standards:

International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC)
Phone: +1 (608) 841-2017