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Employer Filed Claims

  • Employer Filed Claims

The Benefits to Employers of Joining Employer Filed Claims

The Benefits of Employer Filed Claims for Employers

  • By participating in Employer Filed Claims (EFC), you can submit unemployment claims information online on behalf of your full-time workers who are temporarily or permanently laid off.  This fast, secure way of transferring claims information allows you to better manage the accuracy of the information provided to UIA. Using EFC also means you will have a record of all approved layoffs to match against incoming unemployment charges to your account.


    Employer Filed Claims is:

    Efficient - Processing Employer Filed Claims can begin immediately, simplifying the delivery of benefits to eligible workers.

    Convenient - Workers idled by a layoff will not have to individually apply for unemployment benefits.

    Reduces Fraud - When claim information is being provided directly from the employer, it provides UIA with accurate wage and separation information for establishing a claim.

How Do I Sign Up?

How Do I Sign Up?

  • If you are an employer interested in this program, please contact the EFC unit at or call 1-855-484-2636. Staff can provide the file specifications and review the EFC process with you.

    Click below for tutorials on How to Sign Up and how to use Microsoft Notepad to upload a bulk file.


FAQs for Employers

EFC Filing Tutorial

EFC Notepad Tutorial

EFC Excel Tutorial

FAQ for Claimants