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Southeast Michigan Flooding - Preliminary Damage Assessment

SE MI Flooding - Photo 1

Southeast Michigan Flooding - Preliminary Damage Assessment


On July 8, 2021, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in conjunction with local and state officials, will begin the virtual joint preliminary damage assessment (PDA) process for flooding.  This will require an assessment of reported public infrastructure damage in the affected jurisdictions.  Because review of the local damage assessment will be conducted remotely, we want to provide guidance for what information should be captured.  The Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (MSP/EMHSD) hosted a webinar to kick off this process and explain the preliminary damage assessment requirements for FEMA's Public Assistance Grant Program.  Click the button below to view and download the webinar presentation slides. 


Preliminary Damage Assessment Webinar Presentation Slides


The DEADLINE for jurisdictions to submit Damage Inventory Summary forms, cost estimates, photos, and documentation in Google Drive is: 

July 12, 2021

Google Drive Instructions


*If you need assistance uploading into Google Docs, please contact Scott Stockert at (517) 512-9589

Required Information:

By July 12, 2021, submit the following information:

  • Damage Inventory Summary Template (Excel) - List of damaged sites in order by priority and highest estimate, assigning each site a number and include that number in each supporting document in the file name
  • Detailed description of damages for each
  • Quotes for estimated eligible work to be completed
  • Bills, invoices, and receipts for eligible work completed
  • Photos for each damaged site or a representative sample of photos
  • Labor policy in effect at the time of the incident, if applicable
  • Maintenance records for each facility, if applicable
  • Insurance policies (deduct anticipated insurance proceeds), if applicable
  • Procurement policies and pertinent contracts and MOAs, if applicable

Forms, Tools and Fact Sheets:

FEMA Public Assistance Project Forms:

Applicant's Benefits Calculation Worksheet

Force Account Equipment Summary Record

Contract Work Summary Record

Rented Equipment Summary Record

Materials Summary Sheet

Force Account Labor Summary Record

FEMA Fact Sheets:

FEMA Public Assistance Facts, Job Aids, and FAQs

PA Fact Sheet: PA Debris Removal Tips

PA Fact Sheet: Private Property Debris Removal

MSP/EMHSD Forms and Tools:

MSP/EMHSD Intro to Debris Management - 3 Things You Should Know


For additional information or questions regarding Public Assistance, please contact:

Marisela Shellenbarger, Deputy Public Assistance Officer or 517-512-9676

Tiffany Vedder, State Public Assistance Officer or 517-599-5333