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Michigan K-12 Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management

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Michigan K-12 Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management

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The Michigan State Police Office of School Safety (MSP/OSS) is hosting Michigan K-12 Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management (Mi-BTAM) training free of charge across the state for school-based threat assessment teams in K-12 public, charter, and private schools. The goal of Mi-BTAM training is to identify, engage, and work collaboratively with families and students to mitigate life situational factors contributing to thoughts of violence and aggression.
School districts are encouraged to register their entire threat assessment team with a cap of seven members. Registrations are limited to 150 participants per session.  

Attendees must complete the Basic Training in order to attend the Advanced Training.
The Basic Training is a one-day workshop that covers topics such as understanding school violence and implications for prevention, steps for developing and operating an effective school threat assessment program, and developing and implementing case management plans. The Advanced Training will help participants enhance their threat assessment and threat management skills by reviewing threat assessment procedures, screening initial reports, exploring how to conduct interviews, and developing intervention plans. 

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