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Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) Enforcement Training

Michigan offers a comprehensive, three-tiered training program for law enforcement officers on the detection and apprehension of impaired drivers. Each tier builds on the previous to create a complete enforcement curriculum and ensure officers have the highest success at identifying and removing dangerous impaired drivers from the road.

These training programs were developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in partnership with the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

2024-2 DRE School Open Application Period

Applications are now being accepted for the May 2024-2 Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) School. All applications must be received by February 15, 2024, or sooner. Click the links for the downloadable DRE School Announcement and Application


OWI Training Dates and Locations MiTrain

All current ARIDE, SFST and DRE training dates and locations are posted in MiTrain.  To access available training dates, times, locations and class registration, please click on the MiTrain link listed for the specific training type. 

  1. DRE School Training (3 weeks): MiTrain/Course Code 1103203 (Application process/selection required)
  2. DRE Continuing Education Training (1 day): MiTrain/Course Code 1103304 (DREs only)
  3. DRE Expert Witness Training (1 day): MiTrain/Course Code 1103303 (DREs only)
  4. DRE Instructor Training MiTrain/Course Code 1103305 (DREs only)
  5. ARIDE Training (2 days): MiTrain/Course Code 1030629 (SFST Practitioner training required)
  6. ARIDE Refresher Training (1-day): MiTrain/Course Code 1085949 (ARIDE training required)
  7. SFST Practitioner Training (3 days): MiTrain/Course Code 1034200 (all law enforcement)
  8. SFST Refresher Training (4 hours): MiTrain/Course Code 1049109 (SFST Practitioner training required)
  9. SFST Instructor Training (4 days): MiTrain/Course Code 1030209 (SFST Practitioner training required)
  10. SFST Instructor Refresher Training (4 hours): MiTrain/Course Code 1063302 (SFST instructors only)

Michigan Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program Coordinator
     Sgt. Jim Janes, 269-921-5666,
     - The DEC Program consists of the DRE, ARIDE and SFST trainings.