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New User

The Statewide Records Management System (SRMS) is a web-based application with over 35 modules that provides law enforcement and jail/lockup facilities with an all-inclusive information sharing tool. The software application provides not only incident-based reporting tools, but other features including evidence and property management, field contact, equipment inventory, fleet and personnel management, and many others.

  • Provides real-time information sharing
  • Improves data delivery
  • Allows data to be shared with N-DEx
  • Reduces costs
  • Improves investigation efficiencies
  • Allows for more strategic decision-making

What are my network requirements?

    • $200 per sworn officer per year
    • $75 per structural bed annually for Jail Management
    • Full use of available modules (no tiered pricing)
    • Comprehensive user and administrator training
    • Application user and technical support
  • Administrative Office:

    • Community Feedback
    • Daily Activity Report
    • Equipment
    • Gas Logs
    • Pump Logs
    • Neighborhood Watch
    • Training


    • Case Folder
    • Case Reports
    • Juvenile Referrals
    • Officer Reports
    • Witness Statements

    Jail Operations:

    • Case Management
    • Booking
    • Jail Activity Logs
    • Classification
    • Court Appearances
    • Housing
    • Medical Assessments
    • Release Checklists
    • Visitation Requests
    • Jail Transactions


    • Animal Control
    • Animal Licensing
    • Booking
    • Calls for Service
    • Citations
    • Confidential Informant
    • Emergency Call Index
    • Field Interviews
    • Firearms Dealers
    • Firearms Permits
    • Gangs
    • Gang Members
    • Impounds
    • Intel
    • Tasks and Assignments
    • Narcotics
    • Pawn
    • Pawn Dealers
    • Permits and Licensing
    • Photo Lineup
    • Property and Evidence
    • Property and Evidence Transactions
    • Property Inventory and Auditing
    • Registrants
    • Subscriptions and Notifications
    • Suspicious Activity
    • Warrants
  • The overall purpose of this system is to share data across the state, but each individual agency has the ability to secure and/or seal sensitive cases from global viewing.

  • To get started please email SRMS Staff at or call 517-335-7767 to request a New Agency Packet.

    The New Agency Packet includes background on the SRMS system, a memorandum of agreement (MOA), and the Remote Access Agreement. Once the needed paperwork is signed and returned to the MSP you will receive instructions on establishing the necessary virtual private network (VPN) connection with Saginaw County Information Systems & Services (ISS). After the connection is established your agency will be scheduled for provisioning and training.