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Michigan State Police 138th Trooper Recruit School Demographics


Enlistment Date: 9-8-2020
Graduation Date: 3-4-2021


Michigan State Police 138th Trooper Recruit School Demographics


Applicant Pool
(June 2019 - June 2020)



American Native, Females      
American Native, Males 3 1 1
Asian, Females      
Asian, Males 2    
Black, Females 6    
Black, Males 11 2 2
Hispanic, Females 2    
Hispanic, Males 7 1  
Multi-Racial, Females 1    
Multi-Racial, Males 15 3 3
Multi-Racial, Gender Undisclosed      
Pacific Islander, Females      
Pacific Islander, Males 1 1  
Race Undisclosed, Females      
Race Undisclosed, Males 2    
Race Undisclosed, Gender Undisclosed 1    
White, Females 46 10 9
White, Males 270 52 40
White, Gender Undisclosed 3    
Total 370 70 55


Note: As part of a part of a new, steamlined process, the applicant pool includes applicants who submitted an application via NeoGov for the Trooper vacancy, after passing both the written exam and physical agility test. Applicants do not have to disclose race or gender at the time of application. 

Note: The 138th Trooper Recruit School started with 65 recruits. Five recruits left during the first week and were backfilled with five new recruits.