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Security & Access Section - Noncriminal Justice Agency (NCJA)

Welcome to the Michigan State Police (MSP), Security & Access Section (SAS), Noncriminal Justice Agency (NCJA) website. A NCJA is a governmental agency authorized by federal statute, executive order, or state statute and approved by the U.S. Attorney General to receive state and federal fingerprint based criminal history record information (CHRI), directly or indirectly from the MSP. Purposes to receive CHRI include but are not limited to, employment suitability, licensing determinations, immigration and naturalization matters, and national security clearances.  

Beginning in 2010, the MSP established a compliance program for agencies requesting CHRI for noncriminal justice purposes. Every agency with noncriminal justice access to state and/or federal criminal history records is required to follow the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy. The SAS offers training and serves as a resource for these agencies to help ensure compliance with federal and state regulations regarding criminal history records. The SAS personnel also conduct periodic compliance reviews for NCJAs based on the authority of Title 28 CFR 907.3; Title 5 USC 552 a(e)(10); CJIS Security Policy and Security and Management Control Outsourcing Standard. 

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Contact Information:

Mail: Michigan State Police
Attn: Security & Access Section
7150 Harris Drive
P.O. Box 30634
Lansing, Michigan 48909

Phone: 517-284-3022
Fax: 517-241-0865


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