• Wind turbine imageWind turbines provide clean energy primarily through utility-scale projects in rural communities. The past few decades have seen a surge of wind energy development in the state of Michigan as technology and new policies have opened up more and more farmland. Is a new wind energy development right for your community?


    Utility-scale wind energy projects are being sited on rural lands across the state to produce clean energy for residents and businesses. As larger and larger wind turbines are proposed in local communities, governments and residents need to develop policies that are right for their community. These resources will help you prepare, plan, and zone for wind energy production in your community.

  • Zoning Ordinance Guidance PDF icon

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    Sample Zoning for Wind Energy Systems, produced by Michigan State University Extension as part of the Land Use Series, includes guided sample zoning amendment language, along with commentary and explanations throughout.

  • Guidelines for Local Governments PDF icon

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    Michigan Land Use Guidelines for Siting Wind Energy Systems, produced by Michigan State University Extension, provides guidance on arguments, issues, and considerations that local officials may face when adopting wind development standards.

  • Master Plan Guidance PDF icon

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    Lessons Learned: Community Engagement for Wind Energy Development in Michigan includes an extensive list of questions (pp. 4-6) for local governments to consider when incorporating wind energy into Master Plans.

  • Topic Overview PDF icon

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    Planning for Wind Energy, produced by the American Planning Association, is an in-depth report of wind energy development and the role of planners in the planning and development process.

  • Comparison: Guidance in Minnesota PDF icon

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    Minnesota Local Government Wind Toolkit, produced by the Great Plains Institute, addresses the elements of a wind ordinance for different levels of wind development and provides sample ordinance text, in the context of Minnesota.

  • More Resources

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    A table of additional documents and websites on preparing, planning, and zoning for wind energy production.