JPA Public Noticing

Contact: Your project's local WRD District Office

A Public Notice is required to be issued for all Joint Permit Applications that involve Wetlands, Inland Lakes and Streams, Great Lakes Bottomlands, and Dams that do not meet Minor/General Project criteria.  A Public Notice packet includes: 1) A summary of the proposed project, 2) A copy of the permit application, 3) Location information, and 4) Drawings of the proposed construction activities.

Public Notice Distribution

The DEQ, Water Resources Division (WRD) posts approximately 1,000 Public Notices each year.  To increase efficiency and reduce the cost of Public Notice distribution, the WRD has modified the way Public Notices are distributed -- only Public Notice project summaries are sent by U.S. mail.

Public Notice summaries for proposed projects are sent to adjacent property owners who are impacted by the project, the applicant, the applicant's agent, and local, state, and federal government agencies that have jurisdiction over the proposed project.  Public Notice information is available for anyone interested in further review in MiWaters, our new web-based permitting and compliance database.

A paper copy of the entire Public Notice packet can be mailed by calling the WRD district office found at  The entire Public Notice packet is also available for viewing at the WRD district office assigned to the file.

When preparing a Joint Permit Application that is required to be public noticed, the names and mailing addresses for all adjacent property owners impacted by the project must be included in the space provided on the Joint Permit Application (Page 2; Section 8).