Michigan Clean Diesel Program

  • 2019 Clean Diesel Grants Awarded!

    Michigan puts Department of the Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) and the U.S. EPA Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) Funds into Action

    Eight school districts were awarded $626,573 to help replace older diesel school buses with new vehicles through the 2019 Michigan Clean Diesel Grant program. Grants went to Fennville, Fowlerville, Hamilton, Hillsdale, Hopkins, Livonia, Ludington, and Wayne-Westland school districts.

    Clean Diesel Bus

    The grants will help the districts purchase a total of 28 new buses, which will use either clean diesel or propane technology. The grant dollars come from EGLE and the U.S. EPA DERA Clean Diesel Programs.

    Replacing older diesel buses with propane and clean diesel buses will reduce kids’ exposure to harmful exhaust fumes and particles while riding, when they are getting on and off, and indoors, where they spend most of their day. Diesel emissions from older buses are not only immediately harmful to Michigan’s children now, but they contribute to long term damage to the environment and climate.

    The Michigan Clean Diesel Program brings stakeholders together from government, industry, and nonprofit organizations to reduce diesel engine emissions. The objectives of the program are to help meet federal air quality standards for particulate matter and ozone and to reduce nitrogen oxides by:

    • Focusing on geographic and industrial areas where environmental improvements should be made through diesel emissions reductions.
    • Encouraging innovation, development, and adoption of zero emission and clean fuel technologies by industry.
    • Fostering partnerships to identify alternative funding and resources for diesel emissions reduction technologies and strategies.
    • Advancing awareness of the benefits of pollution prevention strategies that reduce diesel emissions.

    School buses, highway diesel vehicles and buses, locomotives, marine vessels, and non-road diesel vehicles and equipment are eligible to apply for funds. Look for a Request for Proposal in the fall of 2019, or email Debra S. Swartz, SwartzD@michigan.gov or Irene Queen, Queeni1@michigan.gov for more information.

U.S. EPA Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA)