Pollution Emergency Alerting System (PEAS) Information

To report Spills, Releases, or other Environmental Emergencies involving: 

Air • Land • Water  Groundwater  Wetlands  Dams  Landfills  Hazardous or Radioactive Materials  Mines   Public Drinking Water  Oil and Gas Wells  Nuclear Power Plants

State EGLE (PEAS) Hotline:  800-292-4706*

*The PEAS hotline is staffed to take spill reporting and environmental emergency calls 24/7.

Please note that many incidents that are reportable to EGLE also warrant reporting to the federal National Response Center, which serves the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U. S. Coast Guard: 

Federal NRC hotline:  800-424-8802

If your matter is not an emergency but you just have a question or are seeking information about EGLE programs, regulations, reporting requirements, reportable quantities, etc. please call our

EGLE Environmental Assistance Center:  800-662-9278

Additional Information: