Viant Medical, Inc.

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    Viant Medical, Inc. (Viant) is located at 520 Watson Street SW in Grand Rapids. It has also been known as Medtronic Biomedicus, Inc.; Vention Medical; and Medplast Medical, Inc. Viant and its predecessors have been operating at this location for almost 30 years.

    Viant provides sterilization services to the medical device industry using ethylene oxide (EtO). The facility has five sterilization chambers with emissions controlled by two acid scrubbers. The facility is also subject to the federal NESHAP, Subpart O, for EtO sterilizers.

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  • Air Compliance:
    Christopher Ethridge - 517-582-3063

  • Cancer Incidence Evaluation:
    Laura Abington, MDHHS - 517-284-9027

  • Health-based Questions:
    MDHHS - 800-MI-TOXIC or 800-648-6942

  • Work Safety:
    MIOSHA - 800-866-4671