Modeling and Meteorology Program

Contact: Robert Irvine, 517-284-6749
Agency: Environmental Quality

The primary purpose of the Modeling and Meteorology program is to conduct air quality modeling to identify impacts from the construction or modification of facilities that are seeking a permit to install/operate air emission sources. This includes conducting modeling or auditing modeling results from environmental consultants as required by State of Michigan Air Pollution Control Rule (R 336.1227) and/or federal rules (40 CFR §52.21).

Additional program responsibilities include:

  • Simulating air quality improvement from the implementation of selected control measure strategies in those areas that are not attaining or maintaining a NAAQS.
  • Assistance in the development of State Implementation Plans (SIPs)
  • Assessing meteorological conditions that contribute to the occurrence of elevated pollutant levels, providing daily Air Quality Index (AQI) forecasts, and issuing air quality advisories when conditions warrant.
  • Regional/Multi-State photochemical modeling


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