Spartan Chemical Company Superfund Site

  • Background Information

    1975 Aerial of Spartan ChemicalThe Spartan Chemical Co. operated as a bulk chemical storage, transfer and repackaging plant from 1952-91. During its operation, the company handled a variety of chemicals including aromatic solvents, chlorinated solvents, lacquer thinners and ethers. Prior to 1963, the company discharged its wastewater to the ground. Both above and underground storage tanks were used to store chemicals at the property. EGLE, in consultation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, has performed investigations and remedial actions since the 1990s. During a soil excavation in 2015, EGLE and their contractor observed discolored soil. Sample results of this soil revealed high levels of metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which could appear as an air contaminant. Perimeter air monitoring showed that amounts of VOCs in the air were above the target levels set for the project. EGLE’s contractor installed a protective cover to prevent the VOCs from escaping into the air until a plan of action could be developed and implemented to safely remove the contaminated soil.

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  • Health-based Questions: MDHHS - 800-MI-TOXIC or 800-648-6942
  • EGLE Remediation and Redevelopment: Mellisa Powers-Taylor or call:517-388-0795

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