Atlas of Critical Dunes - Township Maps of Critical Dune Areas

Contact: Kate Lederle 517-290-2757

Critical Dune areas protected by Part 353 represent the highest and most spectacular dunes extending along much of Lake Michigan's shoreline and the shores of Lake Superior, totaling about 70,000 acres in size.  The legislature has found that Critical Dune areas of the state are a unique, irreplaceable, and fragile resource that provide significant recreational, economic, scientific, geological, scenic, botanical, educational, agricultural, and ecological benefits to the people of Michigan.

The general distribution is displayed in a statewide Critical Dune Areas map (PDF).  It is essential to refer to the Atlas of Critical Dune Areas, which was published in February, 1989, for specific geographic boundaries of the Critical Dune Areas.  Individual map pages of the Atlas of Critical Dune Areas are also available in the Atlas of Critical Dune Areas (PDF).  Each map page shows a political township and the boundaries of the critical dune area in that township.  If, based on these maps, you are unable to determine whether your property is located in a critical dune area contact the Water Resources Division at 517-290-2757 for verification.  You will be asked to provide the property's tax identification number and property location, including the county, township, and subdivision name, as well as the section and lot number.