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Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division

The Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division (OGMD) oversees the development of fossil fuels and minerals while ensuring the protection of natural resources, the environment, property, and public health and safety. The division regulates the locating, drilling, operating, and plugging of wells used for exploration and production of oil, gas, brine, and minerals, as well as for underground storage and waste disposal. It also regulates mines for metallic minerals and industrial sand. Additionally, the division maintains a variety of maps and data on Michigan geology, fossil fuels, and minerals for industry and public use.

A red oil drilling pump in a grass field with windmills in the background

Oil and Gas Program

Michigan's oil and gas regulations are designed to provide excellent protection of the environment, natural resources, public health, public safety, and property, during oil and gas development activities.

Orphan Well in a field

Orphan Well Program

The OGMD utilizes the Orphan Well Fund to plug abandoned or improperly closed oil, gas, or brine disposal wells and conduct associated cleanup activities where no owner or operator is known.

Mineral Wells

Mineral Well Program

EGLE oversees aspects of well location, drilling, operation, plugging, and restoration for solution mining wells, brine production wells, certain types of disposal wells, and test wells associated with mineral exploration and extraction. Mineral resources such as metallics, limestone, salt, potash, and natural mineral brines are important to many Michigan industries.

A group of EGLE staff standing in front of large mining equipment

Mining Program

EGLE regulates several mining industries in Michigan including, metallic mining, native copper mining, sand dune mining, and coal mining.

Incident Update Photo

Incident updates

From time to time, there may be significant incidents that occur at locations regulated by the Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division (OGMD) that require timely and accurate updates. 

Meet Director Adam Wygant

As director, Adam helps further the division's mission to ensure that Michigan's oil, gas, and mineral resources are developed in accordance with all laws and regulations; and to protect the state's natural resources and the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Adam Wygant's Biography