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Marathon Petroleum

Marathon Petroleum Company LC Facility
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Marathon Petroleum

Marathon has three facilities in Detroit: the refinery at 1001 South Oakwood, the asphalt terminal at 301 Fort Street, and the light products terminal at 12700 Toronto Street.  While Marathon provides services and jobs in the State of Michigan, each facility must operate safely, follow rules and regulations, and act as a good neighbor to citizens.

On February 1, 2021, the Air Quality Division (AQD) finalized an enforcement action against Marathon for violations that happened between September 2017 and January 2020 at the refinery at 1001 South Oakwood. This enforcement action included the payment of a monetary penalty and two Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP). One project was the creation of a real time air monitoring system and the other project was to update the air handling system at a local school.

Permit to Install Applications Under Review

Marathon submitted an air permit to install (PTI) application for changes to its sulfur recovery units. 

UPDATE: The permit was issued without changes on September 1, 2022. After a review of all comments received, the permit is being issued with no changes to the permit conditions. More details on this permit and AQD's review can be found in the following:

Air Cooling and Filtration Project at Mark Twain School for Scholars

As part of the February 1, 2021, enforcement action, Marathon proposed a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) to improve the air handling system at Mark Twain School for Scholars, located at 12800 Visger Street in Detroit. Marathon will install air conditioning, improve the air filtration, and add an air purification system at the school. This SEP will improve the indoor air quality for students, teachers, and other workers and community members who visit the school.

School SEP

Real-Time Environmental Data Website

The second SEP proposed by Marathon as part of the enforcement action was to create a public webpage for anyone to see real-time environmental data being collected at four monitoring stations on the border of Marathon's refinery. The data include carbon monoxide (CO), particulate with a diameter of less than 10 micrometers (PM10), total reduced sulfur (TRS), and sulfur dioxide (SO2). This page will also show weekly data for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Along with the real-time environmental data, this page will also show the wind direction and the level of pollutants that may cause concern for people who are sensitive to air pollution.

Marathon's air monitoring system is live. Marathon will keep this website up for at least three years. You can also find out other real-time air monitoring information on EGLE's air monitoring webpage.

Environmental Data Website Updates

Additional Information

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