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Current Initiatives

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Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Current Initiatives

The MI Healthy Climate Plan comprises a range of initiatives aimed at combating climate change through renewable energy expansion, energy efficiency programs, transportation initiatives, sustainable agriculture, climate resilience, and equity-focused approaches.

MI Healthy Climate Corps

EGLE’s Office of Climate and Energy is partnering with the Michigan Community Service Commission to leverage state and federal investments to launch the MI Healthy Climate Corps (MHC Corps) as part of the Michigan Climate Corps.

The MI Healthy Climate Corps will provide opportunities to leverage AmeriCorps members to advance the goals of the MI Healthy Climate Plan through implementation of targeted climate action projects in state agencies, local governments, tribal governments, and nonprofit organizations in Michigan.

The Office of Climate and Energy intends to support service projects that benefit urban and rural communities, especially those identified as underserved or disproportionately impacted, using the MiEJScreen and other tools.

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